Each disc has four needles. And four discs compose one needle cartridge. When penetrating the skin with the disk needles, the needles do not give severe damage to the skin and needles won’t fall off.

Cutting shape of needle – hexagon: The circumferential surface of the drum is configured to form a polygonal cross-section of at least six sides unlike others with circular cross section, so that, when needles are penetrating, the contact surface of each needle on the skin can be reduced, thus minimizing the pain.

Number of needle- 16: The number of needle is 16, thus making more micro channels when compared to other auto-needling devices whose needle cartridges have 9-12 needles in general.

GENOSYS DermaFix Refill Needles (10pcs) [0.25-2mm]

  • Made in Korea.


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