You can fit new VIAL ROLLER on any standard vials sized 5-10ml (Not screw types). This is a revolutionary to penetrate serum into the skin barrier with patented disk needle (size 0.2mm). You can penetrate meso-cocktail, PRP and etc. This item doesn't include the vial. * Applicable Vial type: 5-10ml (outer diameter 19.3-19.7mm).


1. Remove the seal and take the vial roller out of the package.
2. Place the vial roller on the vial. Make sure that it's completely locked on the vial.
3. Tur the vial upside down and start rolling. Once you push the roller in, the liquid will start coming out on the surface of the vial roller.
4. Start rolling towards one direction horizontally, vertically and diagonally with a constant pressure. Do not exert too much pressure. 
* Needle size: 0.2mm. When the needles are too long, bleeding will occur which will prevent from better absorption. 0.2mm is painless and effective for higher absorption. 

Hansderma Vial Roller cap 0.2mm [Disposable]

  • Do not share this device with others

    Do not use this device if you have metal allergy

    Do not use this device if you have keloid skin or other dermatitis

    Keep out of children's reach

    Do not use this device on children or animals

    Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes

    Apply sunscreen after applying serum with this device.


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