Main Ingredients
Salicylic acid: Removes flaking and sebum remnants, Cleanses clogged follicle
Menthol: Freshness / Anti-inflammation
Dexpanthenol: Vitamin B5 Moisturizer, Accelerates the activation of a component of an agent combining dermal papilla and follicle, Softens scalp flaking and improves elasticity
Tocopherol Acetate: Accelerates anti-oxidation/blood circulation
Vitamin C: Produces collagen/anti-oxidant
Allantoin: Soothes scalp /Relieves inflammation
Sophora japonica Linne extract: Inhibits DHT generation
Coix lacryma-jobi /Japanese mugwort (Artemisia princeps )/Calamus (Acorus calamus )/Green tea/ Punica granatum crust extracts: Improves immune system, soothing, improves blood circulation/Anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effect

HR3 Clinical Hair Tonic 70ml

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  • 70ml / bottle
    Made in Korea.


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