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Dermal Needling is quickly becoming the skin rejuvenation modality of choice for many aware aesthetic skin care practitioners around the world. In the face of so many high profile modalities, such as lasers and other micro-injury techniques that can deliver less than optimal results, dermal needling is providing, in many cases, equal or better results with less cost and effort.

The key to microneedling is the healing response that the process stimulates. Until recently, the keratinocyte, which as considered less important than the fibroblast in creating healthy skin, was abused shamelessly with a variety of ablative treatments. New research, however, suggests the humble keratinocyte is responsible for releasing several key growth factors that conduct the orchestra of cells beneath it to facilitate ideal skin rejuvenation.

Find out why dermal needling is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximizes penetration of essential cell nutrients and maximize release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously. Discover why dermal needling eliminates the risk of melanocyte heat injury and actually optimize cell function, making it the ideal treatment for all skin types. This expanded edition challenges the conventional wisdom of prolonging the inflammatory response in rejuvenation response in rejuvenation, and includes which product ingredients to avoid, and why.
This book provides a concise guide to this exceptional modality, explaining everything a practitioner needs to know about the how's, why's, and when's of dermal needling. Anyone serious about understanding skin rejuvenation will find the content of this book a comprehensive source of valuable information. It is perhaps the "bible" of dermal needling and cosmetic rolling.

The Concise Guide Dermal Needling Guide

  • Author Dr Lance Setterfield, Medical Director of Acacia Dermacare in Victoria, Canada, was one of the early adopters of this treatment modality and consequently has many years of experience to share. He has vast experience with all forms of skin rejuvenation modalities and conducted many years of research and clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of these modalities in specific situations.

    New Edition
    •PRP & Microneedling
    •LMW-HA with Microneedling. Good or Bad?
    •Plant stem cell products vs human stem cell products.

    2nd Edition 160 pages to New 3rd Edition 296 Pages.
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