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Hansderma is a privately-owned corporation located in South California, USA. Hansderma was established with passion and commitment to introduce unique and innovated skincare products in the market.

Hansderma uses diverse approaches to improve and restore your lifestyle and well-being. We dedicate ourselves to helping esthetic professionals build scientific understanding how to improve the skin health and find the natural glow rom within through physical, mental and spiritual balance. We provide premium quality growth factor products, regenerative skincare, microneedling system and more. Our well-known products are SkinCool Ice Roller, Hansderma SkinStem GF Complex, GENOSYS Microneedling System and HanSkincare.

In 2008, our founder, Shana Han, started working with DTS MG, a world leading microneedling developer, and have successfully launched a revolutionary microneedling technology in various regions including Asia, EU, the Middle East and Americas. With her extensive experience and knowledge in medical aesthetic industry worldwide, she founded Hansderma in the USA in 2011 and launched several successful products in the market. Currently, she is a frequent speaker at various conferences to teach biology related to skincare products and meditation.


We are constantly looking for unique and innovative ideas to introduce to the marketplace. 

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