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Meditation for Skin

Meditation is a great way to rejuvenate the skin. Meditation doesn't only keep our skin look good but it also improves our health condition. Our founder, Shana, has also experienced significant improvements of her own skin through practicing meditation.


There are many forms of meditations such as yoga, prayer, chakra, ...

She recommends Chan Meditation (Chan is pronounced as "Zen" in Japanese),


How to meditate

  • Meditating every day with consistency is the most important.

  • Find the best time you can commit every single day so you can make it as a daily routine. 

  • It is THE BEST to do one hour a day. But as long as you are consistent, try just 10 minutes daily to start!

  • Sit on the ground in the comfortable position, half-lotus or full-lotus position.

  • You can place your right hand on the top of left hand in front of your navel comfortably.

  • You can close your eyes or slightly open your eyes.

  • Breathe normally toward your belly-botton (navel called Dantian in Chinese). 

  • You  can count from one to ten and from ten to one. Count on every exhalation.

  • It is the best to do it in a quite place without any music.

  • Notice your excessive thoughts and let it go.


"Meditation is a journey through stillness that will restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Along the way you will unfold your inherent wisdom, discover your inner sanctuary and develop a deep sense of peace.


At the most basic level, the powerful techniques of Chan meditation will help you help you develop greater focus and concentration with an immediate and practical application to your life, enhancing your work and daily routines. As your concentration power grows with regular practice, you will become calm and centered. You will beomce healthier and function more effectively at whatever you put your mind to.


While meditation is not a substitute for medical care, it is extremely beneficial to your overall health. Medical studies have shown that meditation reduce stress, improves memory and lowers blood pressure. " 

Chan Meditation 101: Rejuvenate Inside and Out by Clearing Qi Blockages

May 24, 2018

There is one common thread shared by different types of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other spiritual practices: They all can help to improve the body’s natural energy system, known in Chinese medicine as Qi (pronounced “chee”).  My own understanding of Qi is based on the teachings of Chan Master YongHua, with whom I have been studying Chan meditation for over seven years. During this time, I have participated in meditation retreats twice a year, each lasting from 4 to 8 weeks, with 14 one-hour meditation sessions daily. Through years of this practice, some meditators look younger and younger, and others have resolved serious health issues, and here’s how.

8 Tips to Mastering Chan Meditation

December 05, 2017

Chan Meditation is one of the most powerful forms of meditation. Chan teaches participants how to increase concentration power, also known as samadhi power. In Chan training, the results are solid and concrete. By increasing samadhi, the mind becomes much more relaxed and peaceful and the body becomes much healthier. 


August 09, 2017

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