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GENOSYS brand provides the world top class microneedling devices, clinical skincare products and special treatment kits. Needle Sizes: 0.25mm (home use), 0.50mm, 1.00mm, 1.50mm, 2.00m (licensed professionals only).


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* GENOSYS is available only through licensed skin professionals

​GENOSYS Vibrating Roller
Detachable. All Needle Sizes.​

The vibration enhances the absorption of topical products and it also eliminates the needling sensation. Head can be replaced with all needle sizes.


GENOSYS Manual Roller
Detachable or Non-detachable. All Needle Sizes.

GENOSYS Detachable type manual roller has autoclave-able handle and head can be replaced with all needle size. 


Non-detachable type is conventional and one-body type.

​GENOSYS DermaPeel

Ulstrasonic Cleansing & Infusion.

DERMAPEEL is a ultrasonic scrubber which has dual functions of peeling and iontophoresis.

It is a compact and affordable device for professional aesthetic treatment. The strong ultrasonic vibration of 30kHz removes the dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and cosmetic residue and the impurities inside pores are emulsified. 

GENOSYS Eye Roller & Stamp
Eye Roller 0.25mm / Stamp 1.00mm​.

GENOSYS Eye Roller is the finest and smallest needling device for hard-to-reach areas. Non-detachable. 0.25mm.

GENOSYS Stamps are developed for scalp and hair treatments. 1.00mm


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