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What is DTS and GENOSYS?

DTS (Diskneedle Therapy System) is a patented design that ensures 100% safe treatments. The unique design of diskneedles minimized the sensation of needles and the recovery time. DTS MG CO LTD (South Korea) produces all DTS devices under GMP compliances and high quality standards. DTS devices are rebranded as GENOSYS today along with a wide range of professional skincare products.


Can I use it at home?

GENOSYS rollers are available in different needle sizes (0.25mm ~ 2.00mm). GENOSYS rollers for home use have 0.25mm needle which doesn't cause pain or bleeding. ​Consult your physician to find out the advantage of medical needling. Some skin conditions can be improved faster and more effectively by medical treatments.


Where can I buy GENOSYS products? 

Most GENOSYS products (homecare) are available through dermatologists, skin surgeons, medical assistants, nurses and certified therapists. Contact us to find a physician near you. ​


Is training required for GENOSYS treatments?

Generally speaking, GENOSYS treatments are simple and easy. GENOSYS rollers up to 0.50mm can be also used by trained estheticians with theoretical and practical training. It is strongly recommended to take workshops and training before performing skin microneedling procedures.


Does it hurt?

GENOSYS Roller have patented needle design and vibration to minimize the sensation of needling. Not only home use rollers (0.25mm) but also clinical rollers (0.50mm) can be used without any numbing cream. Medical rolling doesn't hurt because numbing agent will be applied before medical needling procedure. ​

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