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SkinCool Ice Roller

SkinCool Ice Roller is a handheld device that can be frozen in the freezer. Click to download details.

  • Perfect replacement of ice packs at your practice, spa and salon.

  • It soothes, cools and calms post cosmetic procedures.

  • Use it every morning to firm, tighten and lift your skin at-home.

  • Reduces discomforts from waxing, shaving, sore muscles, burns and minor injuries.

  • Relaxes the muscles and reduces tention post work-out.

  • Helps fight wrinkles and puffy eye.

  • Natural, Easy and Simple way to treat swelling, tension, fatigue, bruising.

  • Promotional gift to your Botox / Filler patients!

  • Do not heat the roller. This is not a medical device.

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