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Pure Squalane for Skin: Natural and Powerful

We can find countless skincare products in the market. After all these years in cosmetics industry, our absolute favorite is "Pure Squalane". This amazing substance is all natural and provides powerful hydration and protection to your skin.

Squalane is a compound that can be derived from animal or plan source. Squalane is very stable with a long shelf life. It's an intermediate compound in the synthesis of cholesterol, a fat that circulates in the blood. It's also needed to make vitamin D and some hormones that control various bodily functions. Squalane has emollient properties. Emollients coat the surface of skin and help the skin hold on to moisture. They also soften the skin and smooth its surface, so skin looks and feels healthier. Squalane does this without creating a greasy or sticky feel.

We offer RGN Pure Squalane which is derived from premium quality olives in Spain. It's simply pure and natural. It's safe and effective to use after various cosmetic procedures. It is also a great way to moist the skin every day.

  • Use Squalane daily (morning and night). I apply it after cleansing and before make-up. It is not greasy and light. The protection lasts long time.

  • An excellent choice post cosmetic treatment: I tried it after medical microneedling. It was a lot better than what I expected. It's simple but does an excellent job without risking to penetrate any chemically synthesized ingredients.

  • Apply it on sun burns. It heals and hydrates.

  • Use it for hair. I use small qty on hair. it's also an effective conditioning agent for hair. The hair feels softer and looks shinier and healthier.

  • It is highly effective while very easy and simple to expalin to your patients / clients.

Squalane is a very economic way to go. With only small qty, it provides hydration, protection, soothes.

RGN Pure Squalane 30ml

Suggested Retail Price $50

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