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Proven to be GREAT! 1,000 Golden Brushes are sold every day.

golden brush

A common mistake is to believe that we are selling great skincare products or selling skin treatments. In fact, we are selling the experience. When your client walks in your spa or salon, everything counts. For example, people make a purchase decision because they like the way you answer your phone, how the treatment room smells, what type of music you provide during the facials.

When you apply products to your clients, what tools do you use?

Hansderma offers SkinSoft Golden Brush to the market and 1,000 brushes are sold every single day. Why? Because Golden brush is proven to be a great facial brush to apply cream, facial mask and other topical items.

Order information: Email to or click here.

Customer reviews

"Extremely soft feel, seems like a quality brush. Can apply faster and more accurately with less mess-- and will more than pay for itself by allowing me to due more with less product."

"This brush works great to put face masks on. They go on evenly and smooth without getting it all over your hands."

"I love using this brush! It feels so soft! I think it is good quality and I use it to apply masks and it works very well in applying it evenly. It is a little bigger than I thought, but I have no troubles using it."

"Nice, sturdy brush. Handle appears to be glass, so handle with care. I use this with the Clay mask powder. Washes and rinses great. Maintains shape."

"I use this brush to apply my mud mask and I love the brush! Cleans out good and feels great when applying on my skin. The brush stays soft when washed. I do wash this brush once a week after using my mud mask."

"I got this brush with my mud mask and it was easy to use with it. It helped the mask to be applied smoothly. This brush could even be used for foundation and other facial products."

"I read the reviews and saw the positive reviews were mostly about the brushes with the clear handles and gold bristles. I purchased that one and it's perfect! Definitely would purchase again and recommend to a friend."

"Bought the brush to apply a Mud Mask and the brush works great. Super soft and makes applying product an easy process. The brush seems be well designed and the brush hairs are very soft yet thick. Cant explain it, but I would definitely recommend to buy it."

"This facial brush worked great. The brush was soft and spread the facial mask evenly over may face. I have sensitive skin and this brush did not break me out compared to other brushes that I've used in the past. I would definitely buy this product again."

Order information: Email to or click here.

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