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Perfect microneedling out of the treatment room and straight into my home.

I have found the perfect product to take microneedling out of the treatment room and straight into my home. MESOSYS Age Return Serum Kit by Hansderma is an all-in-one anti-aging serum with a built-in microneedle roller right on top of it. The kit also includes a cleansing brush and disinfecting jar for alcohol to ensure sanitary use.

How do I use this? Much like traditional microneedling, the needles on this roller create pathways in the skin for deeper penetration of the serum in comparison to just applying the serum topically. The container is small and easy to hold. With just a switch of the cap, the serum comes out of the head as I roll it onto the skin in different directions. This creates an easy, mess-free application – there’s no need to use fingers. Needles penetrating your skin might sound scary but worry not, the thickness of the needles is only 0.2 mm which is the finest needle compared to other rollers, making this a painless experience.

With daily use, the 40ml of product inside is expected to last for 3-4 weeks. I have been using this product every day for one week. The process is quite easy.

1. I make sure I cleanse my skin well, I don’t want any dirt, oil or other impurities making their way into my skin. 2. Make sure the container is set to “on,” this will allow for the serum to flow out. 3. Roll the microneedle head on your skin with mild to moderate pressure; the serum will work its way in as you roll.

4. That’s it! There’s no need to wash your face afterward, you want to ensure full absorption of the serum to receive its full benefits.

You should sanitize the head of the roller after every use so that its ready to be used the next time. After one week of use, I have received compliments on the improved brightness of my skin. I have also noticed my once dry skin is very moisturized. With continued use, this serum will increase collagen and elastin leading to rejuvenated skin. If you’ve been thinking about trying microneedling, now is the time!

Vivian Barrios is a new member of Hansderma.

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