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Hansderma launches Stem Cell 101 Lecture.

Since 2014, I have been introducing a new automated cell counter called Luna-Stem. I was really fascinated to learn what is happening in the stem cell science field and to meet many pioneers, physicians, researchers of this emerging science. I was able to attend many conferences related to stem cell science, regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

In recent years, "stem cell" has become a magic key word in the beauty industry. In fact, stem cells are very powerful and has unimaginable potentials in medicine.

When we exhibit at trade shows, the most common question I receive at the booth is "Do you have stem cell in your serum?".

I felt really confused how to answer this question at first. I often asked them back "What do you mean by stem cell? Do you mean botanical stem cell extract? or stem cell conditioned media?". And most people told me "I don't know... " or just walked away. Later I discovered that people wanted to buy products with botanical stem cell extracts or products that has growth factors.

For most people who are non-biologists, all those advanced technology and terminology must be really confusing. Every year, skincare companies are competing to use more fancy words to appeal to customers that they are better than others!

We finally decided to organize a lecture on stem cell bio 101 with a goal to help everyone to understand what it is, how to use the words more correctly, how to communicate with the consumers.

Our first Stem Cell 101 lecture will be at IECSC Fort Lauderdale.

Title: Stem Cell 101: Understand the Fundamentals of Stem Cell and How It's Used in Skincare presented by Hansderma, Inc.

Date and Time: Sunday September 24, 2017 12:00pm - 2:00pm Location: Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, Room 124

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