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HanSkincare's new product.

Hansderma is a privately owned and small sized business. There is a great advantage of being small and solely owned without investors. We can do whatever we'd like to do! What does this mean? Whatever we do doesn't have to be the most profitable. :)

Back in year 2015, we started our own brand called HanSkincare. We thought "hum.... good skincare products are very expensive. an average woman with average salary will have hard time to afford those good skincare products. Let's make something to share with other women around our ages at affordable price!".

Our spirit was more of paying back to the community because the business was doing so well and growing very fast. In our office, we are mostly women in our 20s and 30s. We wanted to share something really good with others. So that's how HanSkincare started. We selected two of the most wanted serums first, pure Vitamin C and pure Hyaluronic acid. It was a big success! (Not profit wise but we sold big qty of those two serums).

We can't afford to produce fancy images, brochures or marketing materials with the small profit margin. Once people tried, they all came to buy more. We also make sure to produce those products about every two months. They are all super fresh.

In 2018, we are finally adding two more to HanSkincare line, Peptide Cream and Clear SunGel. It's very exciting. They will be ready in stock early in January.

We all want increased SPF and long lasting sun protective cream. But sometimes they don't have the smooth texture and it's hard to apply. Well now, the advanced technology offers unique silicone elastomer that increases SPF and UVA/UVB protection. In meanwhile, the application is very smooth and it's as if there isn't anything on the skin.

Here's my suggestion for your daily skincare regimen;

Every Morning

- Cleanse the skin

- Apply Pure HA Serum, PepCream and then SunGel.

- Optionally, you can put your makeups.

Every Evening

- Cleanse your skin (of course make sure all makeups are removed).

- Apply HA Serum and then C20 Serum.

- Apply PepCream to finish.

- Go to sleep and rejuvenate.

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