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Microneedling Roller Cap for Your Choice of Vial (5-10ml)

As microneedling gains popularity, new products and devices are presented to perform the procedure. DTS Delivery Enhancer for Vial by Hansderma introduces a new and easy way to perform microneedling with any 5-10ml vial containing your product of choice (e.g., serum cocktails).

Applying serums to skin topically does not allow for full absorption of the product due to the protective function of the skin barrier. The Delivery Enhancer has a microneedle roller on top; the entire cap can be installed at the entry of vials. The product in the vial will flow out of the Delivery Enhancer. As you apply your product of choice, pathways created by the microneedles on the Delivery Enhancer increase the penetration and allow for the delivery of the ingredients.

The microneedles are only 0.2mm in length, which makes this a safe and painless process that can be done at home or with a professional. The Delivery Enhancer is an easy to use product, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the seal and take out the Delivery Enhancer.

  2. Install the product to the entry of the vial.

  3. Turn the vial upside down until your product reaches the applicator.

  4. Start rolling the Delivery Enhancer on the skin in different directions with constant, mild to medium pressure.

  5. Disinfect the Delivery Enhancer with alcohol so that it is ready for you to use next time.

The benefits of microneedling can be seen when using the Delivery Enhancer. The microneedles stimulate keratinocytes; then the keratinocytes release growth factors that lead to increased cell turnover. This process results in healthy and nourished skin.

DTS Delivery Enhancer is available now at Hansderma. To place an order, please contact or call 562-927-8025.

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