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My experience with New Age Return Kit

Yay! New MESOSYS Age Return Serum has arrived and I’m excited to get started!

Information on back lists where it was manufactured (Korea), when, the Serum ingredients, and expiration date.

Great packaging with easy to read, and follow, directions.

Beautiful design! Curved body will make it easy and comfortable to hold. Comes with a stiff brush to use when rinsing the roller after each use, and the prefect little jar, containing a round sponge to saturate with alcohol (not provided; I use Isopropyl alcohol at 70% to kill bacteria).

Upon inspection of the actual roller, needles are all straight and even.

None of the needles are bent. They are made of quality stainless steel and look great!

The bottle is clearly labeled with a raised hash mark…

…currently set to “OFF”.

To activate Serum, just rotate the head of the roller from “OFF” to “ON” position. How EASY to use!

Directions tell me to turn the bottle with the roller down for a few seconds to get the serum going, then I start my horizontal rolling. Serum is coming out and I’m rolling - just like that!

Serum is very lightweight, and since it’s dispensing straight from the roller, I don’t have to touch my skin with anything but the roller head, and I don’t have to stop regularly to reapply serum!

WOW! So efficient, and comfortable, to use! Rolling took me just 10 minutes, compared to 20-25 when I start and stop with a “traditional” roller. I rotated the head back to “OFF” before cleaning & storing.

Overall, I am VERY HAPPY with the MESOSYS Age Return Serum! I am fifty years old and have been rolling 1-2x/month on average, for about 3 years now. I usually use a .5mm roller, but with my sensitive skin, redness is still visible the day after rolling. As you can see in the UN-RETOUCHED PHOTOS ABOVE, my skin became slightly pink, but there was no irritation with MESOSYS Age Return Serum. The serum dispenses easily with the occasional tilt downward, which is to be expected. I was concerned too much serum would dispense, but the amount is prefect and I anticipate many applications from this generous 40ml bottle. I’m keeping track of that to provide future feedback. Given the advanced ingredients in the serum, and the roller being combined in one device, this is a terrific value! This is the actual roller I paid for and I chose to honestly review and provide feedback with my own pictures. “CC” - Los Angeles, CA

If you want to purchase MESOSYS Age Return Kit to use at home, you can visit Aesthetics by CC in Granada Hills.

Aesthetics by CC

Granada Hills, CA

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For distributors and wholesalers, contact Hansderma team. or 562-927-8025.

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