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Rejuvenate Inside Out @ IECSC

I am very pleased that IECSC is so generous and supportive to introduce Chan Meditation throughout their meetings. In this year, we started a new class called "Chan Meditation: Rejuvenate Inside Out" and taught how to properly meditate to licensed estheticians and other skincare professionals.

This new class was designed for all levels of meditators including people who has never learned or meditated before as well as advanced meditators. You can learn the proper posture, several meditation techniques and the instructor will explain various levels of samadhi and about Qi system which will improve your physical and mental health.

In this class, you will be able to meditate in a group for 15 ~ 20 mins and freely ask questions. Our goal is to help you to build strong foundation and encourage people to meditate as a part of daily routine.

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