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MESOSYS, Ultimate Microneedling Home Treatment

My life has been dedicated to bringing the best microneedling technology to the market since 2009. Luckily, I was born and raised in Korea where is called "the kingdom of cosmetics and plastic surgery". I am not sure if I should be happy or not but it sure does good for my career!.

When I walk through dermatology conferences these days, I see other companies use some of information and presentation slides I made back in days to present the needling devices. In fact, I feel well accomplished with my career instead of getting upset why people who use my work without my permission.

For the past years, I have introduced this great technology to many countries including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, India, Latin America as well as US market. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to be able to travel around and learn much.

In 2014, DTS MG, one of the leading manufacturer of microneedling devices has released a new brand line called MESOSYS. The ultimate goal of MESOSYS is to bring painless, safe, effective home treatment kits to the consumers market. After producing so many different needling devices and distributing worldwide, they came up with the great features of MESOSYS roller with unique formula and system. The goal of MESOSYS is to improve skin at home at a different level.

The special features of MESOSYS rollers are; 1) Slim/small size to reach all areas of face (even around eyes / lips), 2) 0.2mm fine needles (completely safe to use at home) 3) Diskneedle technology (painless) 4) Roller can be boiled in the water to sanitize between treatments at home, 5) MESOSYS Roller is provided in complete treatment kits so the consumers can easily follow the direction (it's safer for the users).

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