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Beauty inside out with Hansderma

Hansderma has just launched a very unqiue item called QiRex (15ml). QiRex is a revolutionary natural energy booster and it is made of several types of botanical oils.

What makes it very unique is that QiRex uses proprietary process to harness the sun’s life-nurturing energy to supplement our energy level. It is 100% natural, there's no added sugar or caffeine. It's applied topically.

We use countless topical products to look young and beautiful. If we improve our mind to be more calm and happy, we will naturally stay healthier, younger and more beautiful!!!

What is Qi and how does this work?

Qi (pronounced as chee) is the life force that circulates through energy channels throughout the body. Wherever the Qi flows, the blood follows bringing nutrients to the cells. Wherever the Qi flow is blocked, the body cells are not receiving essential nutrients. When this happens for an extended period of time, these cells will degrade and eventually will not function properly. This may adversely affect different muscles, organs, or bodily systems.

We expend energy during the course of the day, doing physical or mental work, and because of stress or other taxing emotions such as desire, anger, or worry. Also, as we age, the dan tian or the battery, becomes less efficient and results in lower energy overall as well as illness occurring more frequently.

Our energy can be recharged in several ways: by sleeping, food & drink, and exercise (such as in Tai Chi, Qi Gong). In fact, during our waking moments, the best way to recharge our battery is through meditation.

The secret of QiRex is in being able to harness the sun’s yang Qi to deliver it to our body through topical application.

How to use QiRex

  • Use the dropper from the bottle to apply a drop of QiRex to each of the three locations on your body: the base of your throat, and at the inside of both wrists. When it's convenient, a drop of QiRex can also be applied at the base of the throat, the chest or sternum area, or at the navel.

  • In addition, activities such as relaxing or meditating will help recharge your battery more quickly but is not a necessary requirement.


Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera “Nothing artificial is needed to be ingested to open your chakras and tap into your inner strength and sacred heart. Using Just 3 drops of Qirex daily my meditations have been more powerful. My endurance during my hot yoga sessions in the morning and CrossFit at night have improved greatly. I also don't sleep very much at night (only 5 1/2 hour per night) and have an hectic schedule as a cosmetic dermatologist, so I need an enormous amount of energy to kept this pace at 47 years of age. I recommend everyone out there to give it a try. You won't be disappointed.”

Gina H For the past few weeks I have been using Qirex Oil during my work hours and have noticed that I am not as tired as usual and that I have more energy. This is the perfect replacement for that second cup of coffee! I love it.

Ana Silvia Hello, my name is Ana de Leon, I am 34 years old, I live in the Southern California, and I have 4 children. I consider myself to be a very busy person because my children are in between 7 to 14 years of age and I need lots of energy and patience. When I first started using QiRex, I used it without even imagining how good and positive it would be for me. When I use Qirex, it gives me energy, allows me to concentrate and something I noticed is that I no longer have headaches I used to have 2 to 3 times a week. I can guarantee that this is a marvelous product, thank you Qirex!


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